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Welcome to the redesigned NRDD!


At this time, NRDD is optimized for Chrome and Firefox browsers only. 


This is the first of many deliveries planned for the NRDD Redesign.  As of August 16, 2019, our new website features:
  • Enhanced look and feel
  • Improved system speed
  • Printable project summaries
  • Additional guidance materials for users
  • Automated password reset
  • Minor additions/changes to fields in order to enhance data quality
  • Custom query access for all users
  • Automated workflow alerts

We are continuously making improvements to the site and will post user announcements whenever new features are added. 

If you have any difficulties or suggestions regarding the function, usability, or appearance of the site, please submit your feedback to

Future deliveries will include: 

  • New fields (geography, observing systems, publications, legislative mandates)
  • Custom LO fields
  • Batch edit and templating capability (to update multiple projects in one click)
  • Batch actions (to print or approve multiple projects in one click)
  • Enhanced import template
  • NOAA Single Sign-on
  • Enhanced team management and workflow options
  • Personalized user dashboard to manage your projects and easily access projects of interest
  • Integrated data visualization software
  • Integrated text analysis software
  • Linkages to other NOAA Databases (IR, NOSIA, VLab)