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NOAA R&D Database (NRDD)

FY2022 Project Plans Data Call

Deadline MAY 31, 2022

The FY22 NRDD Project Plans Data Call begins today for new project entries. The deadline for all project entries is Tuesday, May 31, 2022. 

Please enter any new FY22 projects into the NRDD or share the data file - FY22 NRDD Import Template so it can be uploaded to the NRDD. You may request the FY22 NRDD Import Template by emailing the

Please note that the following three (3) additional checkboxes have been added to the DESCRIPTION tab of the FY22 NRDD Import Template:

  1. Is this a 2021 Hurricane Supplemental Project? (y/n)
  2. Is this a 2021 Infrastructure Bill project? (y/n)
  3. Is this a 2021 Reconciliation Bill project? (y/n)

Guidance materials for the NRDD data calls can be found in the Comprehensive NRDD Field Guide


Reminder to check Transition Plans

The Line Office Transition Manager Committee reviewed transition plans uploaded on the NRDD to provide a summary of R2X for the NOAA Science Council and the NOAA Administrator. Their review identified several NRDD projects with transition plans uploaded that are not consistent with the NOAA Administrative Order (NAO) 216-105B: Policy on Research and Development Transitions. This is a reminder to please check that any new and old uploads of Transition Plans are consistent with the NAO. Uploaded files such as Public Release Notes and Presentations belong in the Project File section of NRDD project record. Please contact the Office of Research, Transition, and Application (ORTA) for guidance on Transition Plans.

Please email if you have any questions or concerns. 




FY2021 NOAA R&D Database (NRDD)
Project Actuals Data Call

Announcement - November 15, 2021
Deadline -  December 30, 2021

Please note that your existing projects can be updated via the NRDD site.

Issued by: The Research and Development Enterprise Committee (RDEC), the working committee under the National Science Council (NSC

  1. If the NRDD project started and/or ended in FY2021, please update the Actual Start Date and the Actual End Date as applicable 
  2. Please continue with the following project updates (if applicable):
    1. Project Status (project status should match the dates)
    2. Project Deliverables and Milestones (including the actual dates)
    3. Readiness Levels (RLs) (including the Current Readiness Level and all dates)
    4. Any field that needs updating since the last entry

Your projects may not have updates at this time for all of the fields listed. Therefore, we only ask that you make any updates that are relevant to your projects at this time.

An email notification is planned for all NRDD Point of Contacts (POCs) as identified on the FY21 and FY20 POC Contacts for NRDD.  Please let the NRDD Team know ( of any changes to your POCs so that we can ensure that they receive this notice.



New 2020 NRDD Annual Report

It is our pleasure to announce that 2020 NRDD Annual Report is available on the 



New NRDD Features: Expanded Project Search & My Dashboard

It is our pleasure to announce that NRDD has launched two new features to improve your user experience.  

1.  Project Search by NOAA Organizations: for all users

In an effort to communicate the true scope of each NOAA Organization's contributions to NOAA's R&D, NRDD's search tool within the Project Search and Edit Project tabs has been expanded. Until now, NRDD searches of NOAA Organizations (by LO, Office, and/or Division) only displayed projects owned by that NOAA Org. Today, NOAA Org searches can be customized to search among any combination of the following fields:

(For definitions of the above fields, please refer to the NRDD Field Guide.)

We hope this more flexible search capability will facilitate and ellucidate NOAA's culture of collaboration by ensuring that all NOAA orgs that contribute to a given project will be visible to NRDD end users such as NOAA Leadership.

2.  'My Dashboard': for data enterers and approvers

A custom user dashboard is now available to all Data Enterers and Approvers. This new tab displays projects for which the user is listed as the creator, data enterer, and/or approver.  Batch actions can be applied to multiple projects from the user dashboard, such as “Approve All” or “Delete All”, etc. We hope you enjoy this new feature and will find that it makes managing your NRDD project records more efficient!



FY21 Project Plans: Deadline May 31, 2021

This year, we will be providing a training video and holding weekly 'office hours' for support and Q&A.  (Please note that some of the office hours times have been changed since the recording of the training video - yyou will receive calendar invites with the most updated details).

Guidance materials for the FY21 data call can be found here and include: 

  1. FY21 Data Call Training Video
  2. FY21 Data Call Training Slides
  3. Comprehensive NRDD Field Guide



Import Image

We anticipate the FY21 Project Plans data call to begin in early April and end May 31.   As always, the system remains open between data calls for your updates.

Looking forward to the next round of data collection, we are pleased to announce that the FY21 Import Template is now available.  Please note two changes that affect the Owners and the Strategic Plan tabs:

  1.  The PI and project team member affiliation data fields are no longer free text fields. Please pull from (or type to search) the dropdown menu to select the NOAA or External organization with which the PI or team member is affiliated.
  2. The new NOAA Vision Areas strategic plan was added, which replaced the expired 5 Year R&D Plan.  The Vision Areas will become a mandatory field in FY21, and the 5 Year R&D Plan will become an optional field in FY21.  

When you are ready to begin collecting data, please email us at to request an FY21 template.   (It is necessary that all import templates copies are created by the NRDD Admin team to ensure that the dropdown menus remain synced to our master dropdown list).

At this time, the import template is still only able to import new projects.  We are working on functionality to make it an import AND export template, and to enable updates to existing projects; however, development of this functionality has been delayed due to NOAA IT security protocols and is unlikely to be available prior to the next data call.

We encourage you to attend our monthly NRDD User Forum leading up to and during the data calls.  This is a venue in which NRDD announcements are shared, best practices are developed, and users are able to request system improvements and voice concerns.  




FY20 Project Actuals: Deadline January 31, 2021

Going forward, the Research & Development Enterprise Committee (RDEC) has decided to split NRDD data calls into two separate calls.  In the Spring of each year, project plans will be entered.  Then, in the Winter of that year, actuals will be entered.  We are beginning this new structure starting now, and are asking that you enter your FY20 Actuals by January 31, 2021.  The next data call for FY21 Project Plans will be due on May 31, 2021.

Instructions for Project Actuals: 

On the Project Goals Tab: update Actual Start Date, Actual End Date, Project Status, Deliverables & Milestone Actuals
On the Transitions Tab: update Current RL, RL Progress Table
On the Resources Table: update Actual FY20 Funds

Please note that at this time, the Import Template cannot be used to update existing projects.  All updates must be made directly in the database.  Please also note that your projects may not have updates at this time for all of the actuals fields, and that is ok!  We only ask that you make any updates that are relevant to your projects at this time.

An email announcement has been sent to all NRDD POCs as identified on the FY20 & FY21 Data Call POC List.  Please contact us with any changes to your POCs so that we can ensure they receive this notice.


March 20- July 31

FY19 Actuals and New Fields
FY20 Project Plans
FY17-18 Readiness Levels

March 20-April 19: FY19 Data gathering and Mandatory NRDD Training Sessions
April 20-May 19: FY19 Data input into NRDD and FY20 Data gathering
May20-July 31 (extended deadline)
: FY20 Data input into NRDD.

To support our users through this process, we have provided: 

NRDD 2020 Data Call Training Session Video
NRDD 2020 Data Call Training Slides
NRDD Data Fields Instructions

NRDD 2019 Annual Report 
Approving Manager Training Video


NOAA has released the 2020 NOAA Data Strategy. 

NOAA Data Strategy


The NRDD Query Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is now available.  The Query SOP provides detailed guidance for proper use and sharing of NRDD data.  It is required that all users conducting queries read this document prior to disseminating NRDD data.

The 2019 NRDD Annual Report has been released!  The report features high-level products that were created using NRDD data (click the image to view the full PDF).

Annual Report


Import Image

The FY20 Bulk Upload template is now available.  The bulk uploader is a spreadsheet that allows data for multiple projects to be uploaded into NRDD instantaneously in approved status.  The newest template version reflects the most recent field requirements and is built in GoogleSheets to allow for collaborative data collection.  At this time, the bulk uploader can only be used to create new projects. Please contact to request a copy for the upcoming data call.